Thursday, July 4, 2013

Interior Taste: Flipping a Vintage Chair

After moving into a home and having our first child, my focus has been on decorating our home, specifically the family room and baby girl's room.

I am a budget shopper, so when I saw that someone was selling this chair on our online community yard sale for only $5, I told the hubs that I had to have as my first "flip" project.

I bought the chair knowing I would spray paint it and upholster the seat.  I watched this Youtube video for ideas on upholstering chairs.

First, my hubs detached the seat from the chair, and then, I spray painted it gray.  I bought the spray paint from Walmart for $3.97.

While the chair was drying, I used a staple gun to upholster my new fabric to the cushion.  I bought 3/4 yards of fabric from Joann's Fabric for $7.  The fabric was in the "outdoor fabric" section and slightly tough, which is what I desired. I used a 50% coupon for this fabric. I had enough fabric leftover to make a small pillow.

After the chair dried, I reattached the cushion to the chair, and voila!  We have another seating space in our family room.

So basically, I got this chair for $14.50  ($5 for chair + $4 for spray paint + $5.50 for fabric (since I had fabric left over))! Plus, it now has a personal taste.

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