Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's One Thing You Could Spend a Million Dollars On?

The other day (which was actually months ago), Hubby asked me, "So, if someone gave you a million dollars, and you could spend it on just one type of thing, what would it be?"

Naturally, since I love shopping, Hubby was expecting shoes, clothes, or jewelry to come from my mouth, but you know what I said...without any hesitation..."Food!"

Lol, I love creating, trying, and learning about new foods, and if I could only spend money on one thing, at least I know that it would be going to the nourishment of my body, you know?  I eat food for enjoyment...my healthy foods are for enjoyment and my comfort foods are for enjoyment, so I can't go wrong.  Running/exercise to maintain my weight wouldn't cost me a thing because it doesn't cost anything now!

So, after he broke down the question, and I rethought my answer, I still said food. :)