Sunday, March 18, 2012

Southern Belle Taste from Bama

Born and raised in the Black Belt of Sweet Alabama, I would like to consider myself a true Southern Belle.  You know, one that knows about sundresses and sweet tea, cows and homemade buttermilk, shelling peas and shucking corn, and suntans with no beach in sight. While my hometown was a tiny place to grow up, nothing can replace the experience I had and the appreciation I have grown to cherish being taught and learning true Southern hospitality.  Now, as an adult and a married lady, I still reside in the South, just a couple of states over in the great state of Texas.

Since being married, I have grown to love the quest to lead a healthy lifestyle. While we would love to have our own gardens, we just don't right now.  So, we make our shopping adventures interesting. Now, everything I cook is definitely not labeled healthy, and I'm positive that I am not your "I only eat healthy foods and no sweets" belle. Life is about enjoying it, not deprivation, and for me enjoying life includes enjoying the taste of food. I've learned that the key aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle is moderation and exercise.  So here at Southern Belle Taste, you will get a taste of a variety of dishes that I will attempt to make whether it may be southern, Mexican, asian, healthy, or my favorite sweets. Also, you will learn some tricks I've discovered to keep me feeling healthy. My taste is to enjoy food and aim to be healthy all in-one. So, here's to cooking, eating, and burning calories so I can repeat this cycle. Find your taste today!

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